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2003-2004 Catalog of Studies


SOCI2013 General Sociology (FA, SP, SU) Group relations, culture, personality, social institutions, collective behavior, and social change.

SOCI2013H Honors General Sociology (FA, SP, SU) Group relations, culture, personality, social institutions, collective behavior, and social change.

SOCI2033 Social Problems (FA, SP, SU) Social disorganization, social strains, and deviant behavior, including consideration of war, poverty, ethnic relations, delinquency, drug addiction, mental illness, and population problems.

SOCI2043 Marriage and the Family (FA) A sociological analysis of courtship, marriage, and parenthood patterns including gender relations in and diverse forms of contemporary American families.

SOCI3013 Population and Society (SP, Odd years) The social significance of population; population distribution and composition; population trends; and problems of the population.

SOCI3023 Criminology (FA, SP, SU) A survey of theories of crime causation, development of law, corrections, victimization, and police and policy. (Same as CMJS 3023) Prerequisite: SOCI 2013 or SOCI 2033.

SOCI3033 American Minorities (FA) A sociological approach to the study of the culture, lifestyles, contemporary issues and the psycho-social well-being of minority groups in America. Prerequisite: SOCI 2013.

SOCI3043 Contemporary Caribbean (SP) The background, development, social organization, problems, and prospects of the contemporary people of the Caribbean Islands and related territories.

SOCI3103 Religion and Society (SP) Comparative study of religious organization, beliefs, practitioners, and rituals. Examination of major social science issues in the study of religion. (Same as ANTH 3103)

SOCI3123 Sociology of Work (SP) Study of the social organization of work, changing work roles, theories of work.

SOCI3133 Urban Structure and Change (FA) Static and dynamic nature of urban structure and the role of space as social factor with attention on efforts to revitalize residential neighborhoods in central city areas. Prerequisite: junior standing.

SOCI3153 Urban Sociology (FA) The processes of urbanization; the nature of urban social organization; the impact of urban culture on non-urban society; implications for policy and planning; including study of foreign as well as American communities. Prerequisite: SOCI 2013.

SOCI3193 Race, Class, and Gender in America (FA) Introduction to sociological theories and research on social inequality in the United States. Course focuses on the three prominent lines of social division in this society: class, gender, and race. Prerequisite: SOCI 2013.

SOCI3203 Corrections (FA) A study of the origins, development, and practices related to corrections, including incarceration, community corrections and supervision, and intermediate sanctions. (Same as CMJS 3203) Prerequisite: CMJS 2003.

SOCI3223 Social Psychology (FA) Current theories and research in social interaction, with emphasis on symbolic processes, role theory, theories of interpersonal behavior, socialization, and the relation of institutional structures to individual behavior. Prerequisite: SOCI 2013.

SOCI3233 Collective Behavior (FA, SU) Emergent non-institutional groups, such as crowds, public and social movements, their genesis, process, effect, termination, and control. Prerequisite: SOCI 2013.

SOCI3253 Cultures of the South (SP) Survey of the diverse ethnic and racial groups of the American South with special emphasis on social and cultural traits related to contemporary developments. (Same as ANTH 3253)

SOCI3303 Social Data and Analysis (FA, SP) An introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics with special emphasis on those techniques most commonly used in social research. Corequisite: SOCI 3301L. Prerequisite: SOCI 2013.

SOCI3301L Social Data and Analysis Laboratory (FA, SP) Applied statistics lab to accompany SOCI 3303. Corequisite: SOCI 3303.

SOCI3313 Social Research (FA, SP) Study and experience in current methods of social research with emphasis on sociological measurement and design. Prerequisite: SOCI 2013 and SOCI 3303.

SOCI3333 Anthropology of Ethnicity (SP) Anthropological approaches to the study of race and ethnicity, with reference to other models such as gender, nation, and class. Case studies drawn from Western and non-Western societies, and from pre-colonial and post colonial periods. (Same as ANTH 3333)

SOCI3723 Deviant Behavior (FA) Prevalence, theories, stereotypical responses, and treatment programs for behaviors such as vagrancies, alcoholism, violence, and sexual deviancy that deviate from social norms.

SOCI3923H Honors Colloquium (IR) Covers a special topic or issue, offered as part of the honors program. May be repeated. Prerequisite: honors candidacy (not restricted to candidacy in sociology).

SOCI399VH Honors Course (1-6) (FA, SP) May be repeated for 12 hours. Prerequisite: junior standing.

SOCI4003 Internship in Sociology (FA, SP, SU) (Formerly SOCI 4006) Supervised experience in municipal, county, or state agencies, or any other agency that is approved by the instructor. Prerequisite: SOCI 2013.

SOCI4001 Proseminar in Sociology (IR) Forum for students and faculty to present and discuss research interests.

SOCI401V Special Topics in Sociology (1-6) (SP) Designed to cover specialized topics not usually presented indepth in regular courses. May be repeated for 6 hours. Prerequisite: SOCI 2013.

SOCI4023 Social Theory (FA) Nineteenth and 20th century sociological theory. Present-day currents in sociology are studied and related to political, philosophical, and psychological contemporary thought. Prerequisite: SOCI 2013 and junior standing.

SOCI403V Individual Study in Sociology (1-3) (FA, SP, SU) A reading and conference course on special topics in sociology for advanced students.

SOCI4043 Seminar in Sociology (SP) Prerequisite: senior standing.

SOCI4053 Political Sociology (IR) Analysis of political institutions and movements in relation to power, social class, ideology, and related variables.

SOCI4063 Organizations in Society (FA) An introduction to the study of organizations; provides a broad overview of issues and problems related to organizations in society. Prerequisite: SOCI 2013

SOCI4073 Peoples of East Africa (FA) The major institutional structures, dynamics and problems of the Africans, Asians, and Europeans of contemporary Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, Sudan, and Ethiopia. Prerequisite: SOCI 2013.

SOCI4083 Sociology of Medicine (IR) The sociological characteristics of sickness to include primitive medicine, the evolution of medicine, the organization of medical care, the relation between disease and the social environment, and the impact of ill health on society. Prerequisite: SOCI 2013.

SOCI4093 Sociology of Poverty (FA, Even years) The incidence and composition of poverty: educational and economic strategies for attacking poverty problems. Prerequisite: SOCI 2013.

SOCI4123 Black Ghetto (FA, SP) The origin, continuity, problems, and personalities, of the Black American community and its contributions to national and international life. Prerequisite: SOCI 2013.

SOCI4133 The Family (SP) A sociological analysis of the interactions and relationships that constitute the family as a group and as an institution, to include issues of gender and family diversity. Prerequisite: SOCI 2013 or SOCI 2033.

SOCI4163 Extremism (SP) Descriptions of, explanations for, religious cults and extremist political groups in America, including question(s) of appropriate response to them. Prerequisite: junior standing.

SOCI4203 Gender and Society (SP) Variations in gender roles, self-concepts and societal expectations, by generation, social class, and ethnic group; the present and changing statuses of men and women in society. Prerequisite: SOCI 2013 or HUMN 2003.

SOCI4213 Seminar in Violence (IR) Explanations for, consequences of, and possible responses to individual, collective, and institutional violence; comparisons between socially acceptable and unacceptable forms of violence. Prerequisite: junior standing.

SOCI4313 Language and Society of Japan (FA) The primary objective of this course is to investigate the way the Japanese language reflects the beliefs and custom of the Japanese people as a social group. For comparison purposes, this course makes reference to studies in American language and culture. Proficiency in Japanese not required. (Same as AIST 4313, COMM 4313) Prerequisite: junior standing.

SOCI4603 Environmental Sociology (SP) The course provides a social perspective on environmental issues. It examines the linkage between society, ecological systems and the physical environment. It provides conceptual framework(s) for analyzing environmental issues, considers the role of humans in environmental issues, and enhances understanding the complexity of the relationship between societal organization and environmental change.

SOCI500V Advanced Problems in Sociology (1-6) (FA, SP, SU) Individual research on problems or problem areas. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

SOCI5013 Advanced Social Research (FA) Supervised field experience and other projects in social research. Prerequisite: SOCI 2013 and SOCI 3301L and SOCI 3303 and SOCI 3313.

SOCI5023 Sociology of Education (IR) Sociological theory and research relevant to education, the school as a social system, professionalization and career patterns of teachers, value conflicts, social stratification, role relationships, and other factors. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

SOCI5053 Advanced General Sociology (IR) Advanced survey of the discipline and profession of sociology, including designation of the subject matter of sociology and relation to other disciplines, models of society and people, social units and social processes, methods, and sociology as a profession. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

SOCI5083 Methods of Field Research (SP) An introduction to research strategies including intensive interviewing, participant observational fieldwork, content analysis, historical analysis, and comparative research. Emphasis on the practical aspects of designing and executive research involving multiple methods of data gathering and analysis. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

SOCI5113 Seminar in Social Inequality (FA) Major theories of stratification; types of stratification systems, comparisons of modern and traditional systems; emergent trends. Prerequisite: SOCI 4023 or SOCI 5053.

SOCI5133 Contemporary Community Systems (SP, Even years) Community human and physical systems and their relationships in a changing environment, quantitative evaluation of essential public services. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

SOCI5153 Sociological Perspective on Social Psychology (SP) Principles, concepts and methods used in analyzing effects of social structures and processes on the self and interaction. Topics include exchange theory, role analysis, symbolic interactionism, social construction of reality, socialization, interpersonal competence, organizational and leadership development, social dislocation, and stress. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

SOCI5173 Seminar in Social System Model Construction (IR) Methods and on-going research examples of data-based model construction for social system analysis. Emphasis on practical student projects in model construction and verification. Prerequisite: STAT 4003 or STAT 4033 or equivalent.

SOCI5233 Theories of Deviance (FA, Even years) A survey of major theories-classical, developmental, ecological, functionalist, conflict, subcultural, control, and phenomenological-explaining morally condemned differences in society. Particular emphasis is on practical implications of each perspective for policy and social control. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

SOCI5253 Classical Social Theory (FA) A survey of social theory up to the late 20th century. An introduction to the classical sociological themes that continue to inform research, analysis, and policy formation. Major issues will include the relationship between the individual and the community, and the sources of stability, conflict, and change. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

SOCI5263 Contemporary Social Theory (SP) Analysis of contemporary social theories & major theoretical debates. Emphasis is on critical evaluation & application of theoretical perspectives to current social issues affecting families and communities. Prerequisite: SOCI 5253.

SOCI5313 Applied Data Analysis (SP) Covers basic concepts and applications of the general linear model to a variety of sociological research issues and problems. Also provides an introduction to binary dependent and multivariate categorical data analysis for sociological research. Prerequisite: SOCI 3303 or an equivalent course in statistics. Familiarity with statistical computer programs is assumed.

SOCI5311L Applied Data Analysis Laboratory (SP) Provides instruction for data transformations required for the advanced statistical procedures used in the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). Also provides instruction in the use of advanced statistical procedures covered in SOCI 5313. Corequisite: SOCI 5313. Prerequisite: SOCI 3303 and SOCI 3301L.

SOCI5403 Survey Methods (IR) Introduction to techniques of social survey research. Focuses on the development of survey research instruments and their construction. Measurement techniques are examined including issues of reliability and validity, scaling, and index construction. Elementary sampling considerations are discussed in the applied context of research. Techniques of file generation and manipulation relative to survey research are examined. Prerequisite: SOCI 3303 or equivalent.

SOCI5506 Research Internship (FA, SP) Supervised research experience in field setting. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

SOCI600V Master's Thesis (1-6) (FA, SP, SU)

SOCI6043 Public Policy, Children and Families (IR) The study of the impact of public policy on children and families, and the ways in which policies are created, modified, and changed. Includes the history of public policy concerning children and families.

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