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NOTICE - This edition of the Catalog of Studies is provided as a courtesy to students who may be attending classes under these degree requirements. If you are a prospective student, or are attending class under a different set of degree requirements, please visit


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2003-2004 Catalog of Studies


EDFD5013 Research Methods in Education (FA, SP, SU) General orientation course that considers the nature of research problems in education and the techniques used by investigators in solving those problems. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

EDFD5303 Historical Foundations of Modern Education (FA, SP, SU) Critical analysis and interpretation of the historical antecedents of contemporary education, focusing upon the American experience from the colonial period to the present.

EDFD5323 Global Education (IR) Comparative and global analysis of international education with emphasis on cultural education and implications for the future.

EDFD5353 Philosophy of Education (IR) Introduction to the method and attitude essential to effective analysis and interpretation of issues and values within a society reflecting cultural, ethnic, gender, and global diversity. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

EDFD5373 Psychological Foundations of Teaching and Learning (IR) Psychological principles and research applied to classroom learning and instruction. Social, emotional, and intellectual factors relevant to topics such as readiness, motivation, discipline, and evaluation in the classroom.

EDFD5393 Statistics in Education and Health Professions (FA, SP, SU) Applied statistics course for Master's degree candidates. Includes concepts and operations for frequency distributions, graphing techniques, measures of central tendency and variation, sampling, hypothesis testing, and interpretation of statistical results.

EDFD5473 Adolescent Psychology in Education (IR) Study of the adolescent experience with emphasis on the unique psychological problems and tasks of this developmental stage; role of educators in the facilitation of crises resolutions in social, personal and institutional conflicts. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

EDFD5573 Life-Span Human Development (FA, SP, SU) Basic principles of development throughout the human life-cycle. Physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and personality development.

EDFD5653 Educational Assessment (FA, SP) Introduction to measurement issues and basic test theory. Focus on types and usage of assessment tools, data management, and analysis and interpretation of educational data. Practical training in the utilization and interpretation of academic achievement data in Arkansas.

EDFD5683 Issues in Educational Policy (FA, SP, SU) This course examines how K-12 education policy is designed and implemented in the United States. Students will develop a working knowledge of policymaking frameworks to examine major education policies of current interest and debate key policy issues that arise at each level of government.

EDFD599V Seminar (1-6) (IR)

EDFD600V Master's Thesis (1-6) (FA, SP, SU)

EDFD605V Independent Study (1-6) (FA, SP, SU)

EDFD6223 Educational Futurism (IR) An integrative, holistic analysis and assessment of potential alternative futures to guide current educational practice. Prerequisite: graduate standing and history or philosophy of education.

EDFD6403 Educational Statistics and Data Processing (FA, SP, SU) Theory and application of frequency distributions, graphical methods, central tendency, variability, simple regression and correlation indexes, chi-square, sampling, and parameter estimation, and hypothesis testing. Use of the computer for the organization, reduction, and analysis of data (required of doctoral candidates). Prerequisite: EDFD 5013 or equivalent.

EDFD6413 Experimental Design in Education (FA, SP) Principles of experimental design as applied to educational situations. Special emphasis on analysis of variance techniques used in educational research. Prerequisite: EDFD 6403 or equivalent.

EDFD6423 Multiple Regression Techniques for Education (FA) Introduction to multiple regression procedures for analyzing data as applied in educational settings, including multicollearity, dummy variables, analysis of covariance, curvi-linear regression, path analysis. Prerequisite: EDFD 6403.

EDFD6453 Applied Multivariate Statistics (SP) Multivariate statistical procedures as applied to educational research settings including discriminant analysis, principal components analysis, factor analysis, canonical correlation, and cluster analysis. Emphasis on use of existing computer statistical packages. Prerequisite: EDFD 6413.

EDFD6533 Qualitative Research (FA, SP) Introduction of non-quantitative methods, including data collection through interviews, field observation, records research, internal and external validity problems in qualitative research. Prerequisite: EDFD 6403.

EDFD6543 Advanced Qualitative Research (SP) Preparation for the conduct of qualitative research, structuring, literature reviews, data collection and analysis, and reporting results. May be repeated for 6 hours. Prerequisite: EDFD 6533.

EDFD6613 Evaluation of Policies, Programs, and Projects (FA) Introduction to evaluation in social science research, including why and how evaluations of programs, projects, and policies are conducted; includes analysis of actual evaluations in a variety of disciplines.

EDFD6623 Techniques of Research in Education (FA, SP, SU) Use of scientific method in attacking educational problems. Emphasis placed on the planning and design of research studies, collection of reliable and valid data, sampling methods, and analysis and interpretation of data. (Required Prerequisite: EDFD 6403.

EDFD6653 Measurement and Evaluation (IR) Fundamentals of measurement: scales, scores, norms, reliability, validity. Test and scale construction and item analysis. Standardized measures and program evaluation models in decision making. Prerequisite: EDFD 6403.

EDFD668V Practicum in Research (1-6) (FA, SP, SU) Practical experience in educational research on campus, in school systems, or in other agencies in educational program development.

EDFD699V Seminar (1-6) (IR) Prerequisite: advanced graduate standing.

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