Educational Administration

* Associate Professors Elliott, Murry * Assistant Professors Holt, Hughes, Noggle, Smith



Graduate standing is prerequisite to the following courses.

EDAD5013 School Organization and Administration (IR) Analysis of structure and organization of American public education; fundamental principles of school management and administration.

EDAD5023 The School Principalship (SP, SU) Duties and responsibilities of the public school building administrator; examination and analysis of problems, issues, and current trends in the theory and practice of the principalship. (FA, SP, SU)

EDAD5053 School Law (IR) (Formerly EDAD 6153) Legal aspects of public and private schooling: federal and state legislative statues and judicial decisions, with emphasis upon Arkansas public education.

EDAD5063 School Personnel Administration and Supervision (IR) (Formerly EDAD 6123) Principles, processes, and procedures of school personnel management, supervision, and staff development.

EDAD5093 Effective Leadership in School Settings (FA, SP, SU) Strategic planning, group facilitation and decision making, organizational behavior and development, professional ethics and standards, principles of effective educational leadership.

EDAD5163 Current Educational Issues (IR) Current problems, issues, and trends facing school administrators in Arkansas and the nation.

EDAD574V Internship (1-6) (FA, SP, SU) Supervised in-school/district experiences individually designed to afford opportunities to apply previously-acquired knowledge and skills in administrative workplace settings. May be repeated for 3 hours.

EDAD599V Seminar (1-6) (IR)

EDAD600V Master's Thesis (1-6) (FA, SP, SU)

EDAD6023 School Facilities Planning and Management (IR) (Formerly EDAD 5073) School facilities planning, management, cost analysis, operations, and maintenance of the school plant.

Prerequisite for advanced studies in educational administration requires either a master's degree in educational administration or 15 hours of basic educational administration courses.

EDAD605V Independent Study (1-3) (FA, SP, SU)

EDAD6053 School-Community Relations (IR) (Formerly EDAD 5083) Community analysis, politics and education; power groups and influences; school issues and public responses; local policy development and implementation; effective communication and public relations strategies.

EDAD6093 School Governance (IR) Analysis of the organizational and governance structures of American public education at national, state, and local levels.

EDAD6103 School Finance (IR) Principles, issues and problems of school funding formulae and fiscal allocations to school districts.

EDAD6173 School Business Management (IR) Fiscal and resource management in public schools: budgeting, insurance, purchasing, and accounting.

EDAD6333 Planning for Educational Change (IR) Overview and analysis of the change process in education.

EDAD6503 Administrative Theory & Leadership (IR) Review of seminal and current theories of effective leadership, administration, and management in school settings; designed to develop diagnostic skills necessary for successful administration of complex educational enterprises.

EDAD6523 Advanced Application of Educational Leadership (IR) A review of seminal and current works on leadership as applied to the educational setting. Provides knowledge of classic and contemporary strategies for leadership.

EDAD6533 Educational Policy (IR) Examination of the research and theory related to the evolution of local, state, and federal governance and educational policy. Emphasis given to the consideration of procedures involving policy formulation, implementation, and analysis.

EDAD6563 Educational Administration and Human Behavior (IR) Examination of research and theory related to the utilization of human resources with educational organizations.

EDAD660V Workshop (1-6) (FA, SP, SU)

EDAD674V Internship (1-6) (FA, SP, SU)

EDAD680V Educational Specialist Project (1-6) (FA, SP, SU) An original project, research project, or report required of all Ed.S. Degree candidates. Prerequisite: admission to the Ed.S. program.

EDAD690V Directed Readings in Educational Administration (1-3) (FA, SP, SU) Selected readings from classical books and authors in the field.

EDAD699V Seminar (1-6) (IR) Prerequisite: advanced graduate standing.

EDAD700V Doctoral Dissertation (1-18) (FA, SP, SU) Prerequisite: candidacy.


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